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Is Pain a problem? 

 Heshmat Pain Management is a modern pain management clinic offering revolutionary treatments as well as time proven contemporary ones in the Palo Alto area. 

If you are suffering from back pain, sprains, headaches, arthritis, knee injuries or other painful conditions our world-class Doctors can help.

We bring you effective pain treatment solutions (covered by most insurances), focusing on those that are safe, cure the root of the problem and deliver long lasting results

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Heal your Pain in 3 easy steps:

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We will start with an in-depth diagnostics process to identify the root of the problem. Because you don't want to just treat the symptoms. 
Following by a 1-on-1 session with your Doctor to elaborate a holistic treatment plan that works best for you and your lifestyle,  consisting of advanced, safe and FDA approved methods. 
Concluding with a healing therapy with long lasting results. Once you are healed, we will reinforce your achievements and will make sure you keep the results, so that you can live a healthier and happier life.

Discover Acuscope+Myopulse, 
our most advanced treatment 

Give it one session and see how your pain starts to vanish

This tested, research backed and FDA approved, non-invasive, revolutionary treatment has a proven track record of almost instant pain relief. It is absolutely safe and has no side effects. Yet the most exciting part is that the relief is cumulative; in other words, the relief will last longer and longer with each additional treatment. The secret is that it heals, instead of blocking the signals, which is what you typically get with painkillers and other conventional treatments. 

 A life without pain can help guarantee your future health and happiness. Let us help you achieve Victory against Pain - get a Free Consultation today and try the Acuscope+Myopulse treatment (covered by most insurances!). You’ll love the results!

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This new treatment leaves my body feeling like after a good vacation...
Jessica Stones about the Acuscope+Myopulse treatment

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Subdue your Pain on Day 1

Most of our Patients feel their Pain vanish after the very first treatment.

We believe your time is precious. That's why every single of our Patients gets all the attention they need to eradicate the pain Fast. There is no time to waste - we want you to start enjoying life again today.

Learn about our approach and what our patients have to say about it - watch a short video about our clinic.

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Nothing makes us happier than seeing our patients full of energy, smiling and enjoying life


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Heshmat Pain Management clinic is a true alternative to traditional chiropractics & pain blocking. 

Try our new revolutionary methods and feel the difference. You will never go back to a regular Chiropractor again, because you won't need to.  Be Healthy!

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