Eric H. Denys, M.D. Neurologist

"I have been personally acquainted with Dr. Heshmat and been treated by him. I found him a very dedicated and professional person with a high interest in the patient's well-being. He used an Acuscope technique, with which I was not familiar, but it had a remarkable and quite immediate effect on muscle pain. I realize that some physicians are reluctant to refer patients to chiropractic physicians and yet, in my opinion, their modalities of treatment can be of great benefit for patients with painful muscle and ligament disorders that are not caused by a significant underlying disease. I can truly recommend him as a very ethical and dedicated physician."


Tom Dooley, National Walk Coach

"I heartily recommend the Heshmat Pain Clinic for all athletes at any ability level. I tell all my clients about their services and several have been helped by the Heshmats in their training for the marathon"

Tom Dooley
National Walk Coach
The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
Olympian, 1968 and 1972.


Prerana R. Sangani, MD, MPH

"The patients I have referred to Dr. Alen Heshmat and Dr. Letitia Heshmat have always returned with improvement in their conditions and have consistently commented on the excellent care they received. I always enjoy referring to them."

Prerana R. Sangani, MD, MPH
Internal Medicine
The Village Doctor
Concierge Family Healthcare


Paul Sheehan, Biotech industry, Menlo Park

"I experienced truly dramatic and miraculous improvement in my hip after Dr. Heshmat treated the sciatic nerve area. I went from not being able to put on my sock by myself to almost a full lunge on the injured side."

Paul Sheehan
Biotech industry
Menlo Park


Karen Taggart, Marketing Consultant, Menlo Park

"Doctors Alen and Letitia Heshmat refused to give up on a lower back issue which eluded three other doctors. I have respect for all of these professionals, but the Heshmats' determination plus enormous amounts of time and energy enabled them to establish the cause of the problem which then could be solved by attacking it from several different angles. They're not just physicians; they belong to that rare category I call "healers."

Karen Taggart
Marketing Consultant
Menlo Park


Walter B. Executive and avid sportsman

"I had hip/glute pain that eventually became so painful that it was difficult to walk. I'm into hockey, golf, and working out, so the pain and inactivity were a major bummer. The Heshmats used a device to identify 'dark' areas (trigger points) that were low on or missing electric current, then brought current and blood flow to those areas. Because it was over a foot away from the pain source, it took two sessions to find the pain associated trigger point. Soon after that therapy, I was liberated, back to playing hockey and golf as if nothing had happened."

Walter B.
Palo Alto
Executive and avid sportsman



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