Top-Rated Chiropractors in Palo Alto

The experienced chiropractors in our Palo Alto office have been offering chiropractic, physio therapy modalities, and acupunture services in the San Francisco Bay Area for years. We employ a comprehensive chiropractic plan that integrates high technology equipment with scientific based medicine even more often than traditional chiropractic methods such as manipulation. But when we do need to go back to chiropractic basics, we provide a bone density test to ensure that your bones are strong enough to be adjusted, and we use the Thompson table, which, upon impact, drops with your weight to eliminate jarring.

Primary care physicians often refer their patients to us for chiropractic care or physio therapy modalities – and if we feel we can't get the necessary results for you at the Heshmat Pain Management Clinic, we can recommend a medical doctor for your specific chiropractic needs. We accept most insurance plans and are willing to help you research your chiropractic coverage. Call us 650-470-0008 to schedule a 1:1 consultation with our chiropractors.

"We’re most interested in finding and correcting the root of the problem, rather than treating the symptom, so we're able to prevent long-term unproductive care. And if we can't help you within a very short time, we'll refer you to someone who can."

Dr. Alen Heshmat
"Because there are two of us, we're able to spend the extra time we feel is so important for quality care. Our patients never feel rushed and we believe it's that extra attention that enables us to provide the best results."

Dr. Letitia Heshmat