4 Reasons Why You Should See a Chiropractor In Palo Alto CA

4 Reasons Why You Should See a Chiropractor In Palo Alto CA

4 Reasons Why You Should See a Chiropractor In Palo Alto CA

Chiropractic treatments in Palo Alto STATE have grown in popularity in recent years as people with chronic pain have found relief through the discipline. Compared to conventional therapies, the many benefits chiropractic care offers have made them a fan favorite for millions of people.

So, if you’re still on the fence about approaching a chiropractor near you, here are a few reasons that could persuade you to leap.

At Heshmat Pain Management Clinic, Dr. Alen Heshmat uses cutting-edge techniques to relieve muscle, joint, and nerve pain and offers preventative treatments to manage long-term symptoms better.

Let’s take a look at how you can benefit from a visit to our office.

Reduce Back & Neck Pain In Palo Alto CA

Our robotic work schedules combined with ergonomically poor chairs, bad body postures, scoliosis, sciatica, and degenerative disk diseases can cause chronic back and neck pain. Dr. Heshmat offers a variety of custom-designed treatments to give you long-term relief. These methods may include massage therapy, spinal decompression, spinal adjustments, and k-laser therapy.

Dr. Heshmat may even offer you the know-how on various everyday activities you’re doing wrong, like sitting/sleeping in a weird position, and advise you on better practices to help manage your situation.

Cure Your Headaches

Most Americans bear the brunt of mild annoying headaches and blinding migraines consistently. Chiropractors believe that these pain and aches are caused due to increased pressure in the neck and spine.

Dr. Heshmat can perform spine and neck manipulation therapies to relieve the pressure to minimize the strength and intensity of the aches.

Relieve Hypertension

Nearly half of the country’s population (45%) suffers from uncontrolled hypertension and risks getting diabetes, heart conditions, and stroke. A majority of this demographic takes medication to keep their blood pressure under control.

Chiropractors can relieve the pain in the head and neck region to help bring hypertension under control.

Get Better Sleep

Our sleeping position can hurt our spine and can cause pain when we sleep. This valuable lack of restorative sleep every night can drastically reduce your body’s functioning.

Chiropractors can use spinal manipulation to improve blood flow in your body and help you sleep better at night so that you can conquer your days with fresh and renewed energy.