Acuscope Electrical Therapy

Chiropractic Glendale CA Woman Receiving Electrical Stimulation Therapy

The electro acuscope is a unique device that treats muscular problems with electrical therapy in Glendale CA or Palo Alto CA. Dr. Heshmat uses this instrument to reduce pain and inflammation in subcutaneous tissues. It also works wonders to improve blood flow in circulatory-impaired tissues.

Membranes of muscle tissues are voltage sensitive. Treating such muscle tissues with electro-therapeutic signals would increase the flow of essential substances through its membrane. This promotes tissue repair and healing.

The electro-acuscope heals damaged tissues of the body with the help of low-voltage microcurrents. This method of treatment is entirely different from conventional electric stimulants. The electro-acuscope monitors the specific characteristics of the tissue membranes. It gathers (or inputs) essential electrical characteristics of the damaged tissues such as current and voltage pulses and releases electrical pulses that would offer therapeutic benefits.

What Are the Benefits of the Electro-Acuscope?

The electro-acuscope instrument heals damaged tissues at a cellular level. This allows patients to attain treatment for their condition from the root of the problem. Microcurrents released from the device also boosts the body's built-in ability to heal itself. The procedure has absolutely zero side-effects.

What Is Myopulse?

The myopulse and electro-acuscope instruments work together as a system. Myopulse works by gently stimulating connective tissues of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc. This treats inflamed muscle tissues, spasms, chronic or acute muscular pain, and improves range of motion. Dr. Heshmat uses the electro-acuscope and myopulse instruments to treat a wide variety of neuromuscular problems.