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Orthotics are specially designed shoes or heels that are custom-made to suit your needs. It can be used to treat pain experienced in parts of the leg and foot.

Do orthotics correct ankle pain, knee pain, and back pain? 

Yes, custom orthotics can correct overall foot posture and gait, which then can lessen wear and tear on ankles, knees and hips and correct bad posture. Orthotics can be categorized as part of a comprehensive treatment plan that helps address various symptoms of pain, such as feet, leg, knee and hip discomfort. Orthotic treatment can help correct foot deformities, reduce risks of injury and prevent surgery.  

Can orthotics correct my plantar fasciitis? 

Yes, they can. Orthotics help support the feet which will help with overuse of the calf muscles. Wearing custom orthotics can alleviate any sign of pain or discomfort resulting from plantar fasciitis. The science behind the treatment lies in stretching the plantar fascia as the patient stands or walks. Orthotic shoes work by being shock absorbers. They also help reduce the impact and pressure on the heels.

Will orthotics help me with my posture? 

Yes, orthotics can help better your posture, because tight and imbalanced muscles in the feet and lower legs can lead to postural muscle imbalance. Feet are the foundation to a body and if the feet are not correct it’s just a matter of time things will begin to fall apart. Custom specialty orthotics can undoubtedly help patients prevent knee and hip surgeries get relief from posture problems like rolled shoulders, a forward head carriage, back pain, unexplained muscle tightness.

Can orthotics correct/ help me with my bunion pain?

Yes, indeed! In 30% of the population, the wrong structure of the feet can lead to deformities and pain in the feet. Bunions are deformities of the big toe and its joint. They are generally the result of poor-fitting footwear or a condition called Morton's foot/toe. Wearing proper footwear, custom orthotics, and corrective inserts can help bunions. 

Can orthotics help me prevent or postpone surgery?

Yes, It can. Making sure the feet are aligned and that they have proper support, Orthotics will lessen and slow down the wear and tear in the body, especially the knees and hips. Therefore, you may skip surgery, as well as prevent pain and discomfort. 

Does orthotics help wear and tear caused by my shoes?

Orthotics are a great way to minimize abnormal movement of the feet, relieve any signs of stress, and correct overpronation or supination. Yes, orthotics do help reduce the wear and tear in your shoes. Supporting your feet with Orthotics can make your shoes last longer.

Can orthotics help me with my energy level? 

Yes, orthotics always have a positive impact on your energy levels. Bigger muscles such as those in the lower extremities suffer a significant amount of wear and tear. When your feet are not correct, these prominent muscles in the lower extremities tire out quicker. Orthotics help relieve this. 

Can orthotics help me with my weight problem?

Yes, orthotics are an effective treatment for people who are obese and trying to lose weight. It can help eliminate muscle overuse in the leg’s muscles, which will only leave the body with no energy for exercise and activities.  Lack of exercise and activity can lead to weight gain. 

Can orthotics help me with my short leg? 

Yes, custom specialty orthotics with a heel lift on the affected side can help correct leg length discrepancy. This helps lift the shorter leg, imparting less stress on the other feet, improving overall balance and function of the feet. This can help prevent muscle injury and joint wear and tear. This also helps avoid surgeries in the knees, ankles, and hips. 

Do I need orthotics in my sport shoes? 

Yes, Once you have orthotics it is advised to be worn every day, and every time you are on your feet otherwise it can cause confusion in your muscles and cause unnecessary stiffness and tightness. This may also possibly cause pain in muscles and joints.

Can I get orthotics for different types of shoes? 

Yes, you can. You can have custom made Orthotics for all sports, soccer cleats, baseball, basketball, running shoes, hiking boots, casual shoes, and even sandals and slippers! 

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