Foot & Gait Analysis

Chiropractic Palo Alto CA Runner At Starting Line

Gait analysis in Glendale CA and Palo Alto CA is an advanced clinical study that is done mostly for runners and other athletes who run. From a runner's standpoint, a gait analysis can provide essential information about their running style, and this data is vital to help them decide what kind of shoes would be right for them.

Goals Behind Gait Analysis

The purpose of gait analysis is to understand the degree of pronation. Pronation assesses the natural inward roll of the patient's feet apart from the area that touches the ground. This inner bend of the foot helps to absorb shock for parts of the leg and body naturally. It also helps in equal distribution of force. Overpronation is a condition where the inward bend is too much and underpronation is when the bend is less than ideal. With a gait analysis study, the pain management specialist would be able to help the patient choose the right kind of footwear that offers the right degree of pronation.

What Is Video Gait Analysis?

A video gait analysis would involve running a few minutes on a treadmill while recording the runner's feet. The footage would then be analyzed appropriately by an ASICS professional who would be the right person to assess the findings from gait analysis. It is through a video gait analysis that such a professional would be able to pinpoint areas that trigger injuries and affect the patient's efficiency to run with ease.