Hands-On Adjustments in Palo Alto, CA

Hands-On Adjustments in Palo Alto, CA

Experiencing pain or pressure in parts of your spine may be the result of swelling, spasms, or muscle tightness. This could diminish or reduce the patient's range of function and motion. While medical professionals may recommend medication, surgery, or the use of needles for treatment, ongoing research suggests that chiropractic treatment would be able to resolve such vertebral subluxations better.

What are the advantages of chiropractic treatment?

Chiropractic treatment has several advantages to curing severe cases of pain and inflammation. With a high level of success rate, chiropractic procedures and services can efficiently provide pain management remedies and resolve musculoskeletal problems such as pain, muscle tightness, muscle spasm, mobility, etc. improving the patient's overall health and wellness. 

What can chiropractic treatment help resolve?

Osteoarthritis: It is a condition that wears down the cartilages in the joints of your body. The condition can be very painful, limiting mobility and flexibility. With chiropractic treatment, the patient would begin to experience less pain and pressure near the joints and nerves. It overall helps improves joint movement.

Neck and Back Pain:Neck and low back pain is quite normal and may result in discomfort. Pain experienced due to compressed nerves are the worst (example: sciatica pain in the lower back), but pain management chiropractic remedies can suppress the ache. 

Headaches: Headaches originated from the neck may radiate to the forehead, temples, and behind the head. A combination of physical therapy and massage can relieve severe headaches and muscular tightness.

What can you expect during your first visit?

During the first visit, the specialist would ask a series of questions about the patient's health history and perform an extensive physical examination. The chiropractor would also take necessary X-rays if necessary. 

What is involved in chiropractic treatment?

During the chiropractic treatment, the specialist would make use of their hands and apply a controlled pressure or force on the spinal joint. This procedure aims at treating the affected areas, thereby improving the patient's ability to move the spinal cord with ease. 

The treatment aims at rectifying cases of severe headache, fatigue, pain at the lower back, neck, shoulder, etc.

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