Migraines can be some of the most annoying and painful experiences a person can have. A whopping 45 million Americans suffer from migraine every year, and the number just keeps climbing each year. If not treated in the early stages, it can lead to severe symptoms, which just get worse by the day.

Dr. Heshmat has helped thousands of patients overcome their woes caused by migraine. He is one of the best doctors in the Palo Alto area and uses advanced and natural treatment techniques to help his patients get rid of this frustrating medical condition.

Causes of Migraine

Migraine is nothing but a severe headache, which is persistent. Most often, it is caused when the spine moves out of place, which can be due to external trauma, excessive pressure applied on certain parts of the spinal column, developmental issues, etc. Such a dislocation can lead to the compression of the nerves in the spinal cord, affecting the muscles of the back, shoulders, neck, head, and jaws.

Over time, the compression caused could apply excessive pressure on the spinal cord, leading to the misalignment of certain bones as well. This can worsen your condition of migraine and also affect the other systems of the body.

Common symptoms of migraine

  • Persistent headache
  • Ringing sound in the ears
  • Pulsating pain in the forehead region
  • Irritation from bright light and loud noises
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Fainting

Can medication help?

Headaches are pretty common, and medication usually provides relief to the condition. But, recurring headache, along with some or all of the above-mentioned symptoms, are strong signs of migraine. Many a time, migraine is mistaken for a common headache, which could just worsen the condition.

Medication does ease you from the pain of migraine, but it is just a temporary solution. If you desire to find a long-term relief to it, then Chiropractic treatment is the one for you. It has a long history of being used for the treatment of migraine and its success rate is phenomenal.

Treatment using Chiropractic techniques

Chiropractic care is associated with the treatment of medical conditions caused due to complications with the spine, the nervous system and the joints of the spinal column. Migraine can be effectively treated by chiropractors as the root cause of it is associated with the spinal column.

The treatment begins with a thorough evaluation of the spine for any misalignments. This usually rules out the possibilities that are causing the condition. It also helps to determine which treatment method best suits the patient’s needs. Further, the doctor uses gentle and non-invasive techniques to adjust the spinal column into its right place to provide almost instant relief.  The treatment is a long-lasting and most effective one known against migraine.

If you’re suffering from recurring headaches and need immediate medical attention, call Dr. Heshmat’s practice today and get rid of your woes with migraine for good!

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