Neck Pain Treatment in Palo Alto, CA

Neck Pain Treatment in Palo Alto, CA

The neck is comprised of several bones, muscles, nerves and blood vessels. Stress or trauma to any of them could lead to neck pain, and it can be extremely painful. In most cases, neck pain would easily subside in a few days’ time upon receiving treatment. But if it doesn’t subside, or if it is persistent, there could be a problem with the alignment of the bones or the nerves. Many people who complain of severe neck pain usually have limited movement in the neck, shoulders, arms, and head. The pain in the neck can cause the muscles around it to weaken, leading to the increased immobility.

What causes neck pain?

  • Poor posture:Poor posture is one of the prime causes of neck pain. Working at one’s desk for longer durations, sleeping in an awkward position, keeping the neck stiff, holding the head facing downwards, etc. can put a lot of stress on the bones and muscles of the neck.
  • Repetitive stress:Athletes, especially runners, go through extreme physical activities on a regular basis. This can put the muscles in the neck through a lot of tension and repetitive stresses. 
  • Trauma: Injuries to the neck, head or shoulders could displace the bones in the neck. This could lead to the compression of the nerves, causing persistent pain.
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: A condition that causes swelling in the joints, leading to pain and bone spurs.
  • Osteoporosis:A condition where the bones become brittle due to loss of tissue and the deficiency of Calcium and Vitamin D in the bones.

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, neck pain could also be caused due to fatigue, shortness of breath, wheezing, meningitis, fibromyalgia, spondylosis, spinal stenosis, tumors, etc.


Most people ignore neck pain and wait for it to subside by itself. In many cases, it does subside by itself, or when the patient takes simple pain-relieving medication. But, when there is a problem with the nerves in the affected area, it could become aggravated, and the pain could become much worse. Sometimes, patients ignore neck pain up to the point when surgery would be the only treatment option left.

Chiropractic treatment has been known to provide almost instant relief from neck pain. It addresses the underlying issues and helps align the nerves of the spine in their right positions. Dr. Heshmat is one of the best chiropractors in the Palo Alto area and has treated hundreds of patients with neck pain. The treatment method is gentle, safe and non-evasive. If you’re looking to find a permanent solution to your woes with neck pain, then chiropractic treatment is the one for you.

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