Sports Injuries treatment in Palo Alto, CA

Sports Injuries treatment in Palo Alto, CA

Athletes put their bodies through rigorous training and push themselves to the limit. They continually train hard to become better at the sport they play. Getting injured while playing sports is very common and most of them, such as bruises or cuts are easily healable. However, certain injuries that progressively increase in effect over time are difficult to get rid of. Such injuries require chiropractic care and Dr. Heshmat is one of the best at it.

Participating in any sport includes a lot of physical activities. It could be running, sprinting, jumping, swimming, cycling, etc, all of which put the limbs through severe stress and strain. When this happens on a regular basis, it could lead to the displacement of the bones and the joints as well. This often draws pain, and the person would lose his/her free movement and flexibility in the limbs. The best way to cure such physical conditions is by using Chiropractic treatments along with trigger point therapy as it is natural, non-evasive and very safe.

Common sports injuries

Achilles Tendon InjuryThe largest tendon in the human body found near the ankle, the Achilles tendon, suffers injuries due to excessive stress applied to it. Athletes mostly suffer from it as they indulge in running, jumping, quick stops and starts, etc.

Hamstring injury:Hamstring refers to the muscles that are present at the back of one’s thigh. When they get too stressed, or worse, if they tear, it could lead to severe pain in the region. Runners, cyclists, basketball and soccer players are usually affected by it.

Tennis elbow: It’s the swelling of the tendon in the elbow and the surrounding region that restricts free movement. Tennis players, weightlifters, etc. are the ones who usually develop this condition.

Turf Toe: When the ligament around the joint of the big toe gets injured, the condition is called turf toe. It occurs when a lot of pressure is applied on the toe repetitively for a long period of time.

In addition to these, there are several other sports-related injuries such as ankle injury, concussions, groin pull, cuff tear, muscle strains, shin splints, skier’s thumb, tendonitis, etc. 

Are sportspersons suitable candidates for Chiropractic treatment?

Many sports-related injuries occur due to the misalignment of the bones, which directly affects the nerves running down various parts of the body. The interference caused could permanently damage one’s ability to even move freely. Hence, it is best if sportspersons see a chiropractor at regular intervals to make sure that the onset of any sports injury is handled before it becomes serious.

Athletes who receive chiropractic treatment for their sports injuries most often experience increased agility, flexibility and better performance at their sport. The explanation behind this is that when the displaced nerves and bones are moved to their proper positions, the ideal blood flow to the parts of the body would be re-established. This helps to heal the injured tissues and one’s ideal physical health would be restored.

Though instant pain relievers such as medication and sprays are often used by athletes, this would only provide momentary relief from the pain. If you’re seeking a long-term solution to your injuries, then Chiropractic treatment along with Dr. Heshmat's unique unparalleled physiotherapy treatments is the one you should be looking forward to.

Dr. Heshmat does house calls just in case you are unable to leave your home due to pain and the clinic takes walk-ins in case you are in severe pain and need urgent care.

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