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Let’s start with Dr. Alen Heshmat’s favorite quote, “IF THERE’S A WILL, THERE IS A WAY!” Dr. Heshmat is a doctor of Chiropractic specializing in nerve, muscle, and joint issues. He is very passionate about preventative care, stopping the pain right away, and then finding the permanent solution to help bring wellness right back into his patients’ lives.

Dr. Heshmat dedicates his time in ensuring his patients get the most personalized and customized treatments available in his field. Dr. Heshmat’s method of treatment is very unique and relies on bio-feedback through evidence-based technology, meaning minimal margin for errors. He is very dedicated and focused on finding the permanent and right solution for your symptoms.

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We specialize in treating pain. From Neck to Back pain, to..

A modern pain management clinic with a warm, professional staff, Heshmat Pain Management Clinic offers the revolutionary treatments Acuscope and Myopulse Healing, proven technologies that are miles ahead of those used in most modern pain centers. Used to complement chiropractic and other time-proven treatments, these advanced techniques are easily administered and can eliminate the need for painkillers and invasive surgery. Patients typically experience pain relief upon the very first treatment and are often symptom-free after just a few visits.
At Heshmat Pain Management Clinic, we are committed to unmatched patient experience, and we employ only the safest, most advanced FDA-approved methods to treat your pain.

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What our patients are saying...

"Dr. Heshmat has helped me in amazing ways.I can now walk without a cane!The pain in my back and legs is basically gone.I have my life back. Dr. Heshmat is especially therapeutic in approach -encouraging a very positive mind approach . This in itself is very healing. In addition the Secret..."

"Dr. Heshmat has in his practice a wonderful machine called the Acuscope  which is such a help in healing injuries.  He and his staff are experts at using this tool to solve all kinds of ailments.  I first went to see Dr. Heshmat about three or so years ago for Plantar fasciitis. His use of the Ac..."

"Dr. Heshmat has been a great help with my back pain. He spends more time listening to me and helping me explore the mechanics of the problem."

"I arrived to Dr. Heshmat's pain clinic with extreme shoulder pain after suffering from an injury. The pain was excruciating  -  I couldn't engage with PT which I had to do post wrist surgery, I couldn't sleep and I couldn't work; I tried many things including medication, and felt quite desperate...."

"Dr. Heshmat is awesome! He is very knowledgeable and caring. I was having headaches and neck pains on regular basis. Dr. Heshmat adjusted my neck and treated me several times with the Electro-Acuscope and the pains disappeared!!! He took the time to patiently explain the root cause of my problem ..."

" pain in my left arm and I was not able to move it. For two weeks after the incident, I went to several different doctors and even the hospital to try and figure out what was happening to me. No one was able to diagnose or help me until I came to Dr. Heshmat. He told me that I had degree of ..."

"Excellent care from Dr Heshmat's clinic ! I have 3 partial muscle tears, rotator cuff area that caused significant pain with loss of strength. Dr Heshmat's acuscope treatment perfused my injured rotator cuff with warmth on day 1 and subsequently woke up injured muscles for increased use. On day 3..."

"Dr Heshmat is very professional,and personable.His therapy has helped me a lot through my injury.I highly recommend his service."

"While on a trip to Palo Alto, I woke up with pain in my neck that moved down my right arm which I had never experienced before.  I got up, took a shower and move around but the pain didn't get any better.  I really didn't want to spend hours in an urgent care and decided to find a clini..."

"d visited Dr Heshmat in the past for a lower back pain which he fixed after only three visits, making me feel better within a week. On a separate occasion after being prescribed a round of antibiotics at my local urgent care for a sore throat, I decided to pay Dr Heshmat a visit, it turned out th..."

"Heshmat pain clinic is where I go to get healthy and therapeutic treatments.  It's priceless to have a doctor who actually gives a damn about you!"

"Dr. Heshmat is an excellent and knowledgeable chiropractor who not only focuses on the treatment, but also looks for the root of the problem. He deeply cares about his patients and is committed to healing them."

"I used to have severe headaches and I tried everything including medications, therapies, meditations, and etc, Followed up with blood test, dentist, allergy test, optometrist and so on. But I finally came across to Heshmat Pain Management clinic and I was shocked that Dr. Heshmat found out the pr..."

"Dr. H is awesome.  He is very knowledgeable and intuitive when it comes to diagnosing the issue and recommending/applying the right treatment for rapid recovery."

"My daughter started going to Dr. Heshmat in February 2018 to deal with chronic daily headaches/post concussion syndrome from a whiplash related concussion she had received in April 2015. She began feeling some relief relatively quickly and by the time she went off to college in August 2018 her he..."

"I was referred to Dr. Heshmat by a friend on a Sunday when I was in acute pain. He was able to see me the same day! Amazing. Who does that!? I left his office 75% better when I had been barely able to walk due to a pinched nerve in my back. Successive treatments using the electro Acuscope combine..."

"I really appreciate Dr Heshmat. He is very educated and highly knowledgeable about his practice. You never feel like he's brushing you off or lying to you. I trust him very much and I know he has never deceived me for my money the way most chiropractors do. He always takes extra time to answer my..."

"This was my first time going to a chiropractor and I was pleasantly surprised. As a dentist, I had developed a number of painful spots over the years due to bad position of working on patients. I had accepted pain as an old friend which visited me day and night. Finally , last week I had pain whi..."

"Alan and his team are excellent at what they do. I have had a long standing knee issue and he improved my mobility so much that i don't need the surgery recommended by my doctor. I still have the issue but i can now manage it and exercise relatively pain free because of the treatment i received. ..."

"I have had such a wonderful experience here.   Very welcoming and willing to work with my schedule to make appointments.   Office staff is very friendly.   Dr.  Heshmat is very knowledgeable and very willing to explain the entire process.   Not your av..."

"Incredible experience! I was on a desperate search for someone to help me because other practitioners were telling me I was fine and that I should just stop favoring my left side. I'd lost my quality of life to pain and it seemed like no matter what I did, I was just making things worse. Thankful..."

"I was referred to Dr. Heshmat for a worker's comp injury and I have to say I am super impressed! Dr. Heshmat & his team are always welcoming with a smile, very friendly and incredibly competent. Dr. Heshmat has been treating my knee/leg with the electro- acuscope and I've seen more progress i..."

"Dr. Heshmat and his staff are amazing. He helped fix my back pain when traditional doctors were completely unhelpful. He is very thorough, and takes a lot of time to listen to all of your concerns and to do a full work-up. His knowledge about the body is unparalleled! And, his assistant Sylvana i..."

"Nothing but great things happened for me when I came here. I understand my Injury because of this place, Dr. I had 2 treatments and felt the difference my second session! Within a week my injury has gone from a 9 to a 0. I  recommend this place to anybody who is looking to get rid of pain AS..."

"I'm a typical Bay Area software engineer, and as such, I sit front of my computer all day, work long hours, and spend way too much of my away-from-computer time hunched over, staring at my phone.My bad habits and posture over the years have caused a gradual onset of chronic upper back, shoulder a..."

"I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Heshmat on my injured knee for about 2 months now. In those two months I have seen and felt more progress toward healing than I did in four months of physical therapy somewhere else. The Accuscope he uses does miracle work! Dr. Heshmat is kind, super knowl..."

"Dr.heshmat is such a great doctor. He treated my upper and lower back on 2 different occasions and both times he did a great job and I left with my back feeling 10 times better. he gave me accurate and good information to take care of my back. Also Sevana, who sits at the front desk, is very nice..."

"Great Dr. Best treatments changing your life by best treatments and machine working with the newest technology"

"About a couple of months ago, I went to see Dr. Heshman for pain relief. He doesn't only concentrate in relieving your pain but  also helps you to avoid pain in the future. Up until now, I haven't had the need to go back and see him again but I will always be thankful for his great service."

"I started going to Dr. Heshmat about two weeks ago when I had an incredibly bad backache. It's kind of been a chronic issue, and has flared up once before in the past that nearly had me bed-ridden. I did NOT want to get to that state, especially with two out of town vacations coming up two weeken..."

"Having a pinched sciatic nerve, I was barley able to walk. Within two weeks of treatment at the Heshmat Pain Management Clinic the nerve was released and continued visits have aligned my spine.. I am free of pain am enjoying my new lease on life. The Heshmat doctors Nasim and Alan are very knowle..."

"I have been going to the Heshmat Pain Management clinic as of February. I had a slip and fall down a flight of stairs and the stairs won. I was black and blue, limped with pain, had lost feeling in my fingers and arm, it was ugly painful fall. Dr. Heshmat started with a basic treatment to measure..."

"OMG my jaw doesn't hurt today!!!!! Hands down the most efficacious thing I've ever found for TMJ and muscular tightness (chronic, painful muscular issues). I'm extremely impressed. I've tried massage, night splints, acupuncture. All have been helpful but this is orders of magnitude more effective."

"I have never posted a review on Yelp before but I have had such great service at Heshmat that I had to write a review.  I have been seeing Toma, who is a massage therapist there, for over 6 months.  I had extreme knee pain and went to see a specialist who recommended I stay off my knee.  Toma tho..."

"I get my treatments here, does that say something? Yes that's because I have an amazing team of professionals working with me and without my team It would be impossible."

"Dr. Nasim Gorgani and Dr. Alen Heshmat are both professional and friendly. They listen and work hard to provide the therapeutic results to restore health. I went in feeling tightness in my neck after sleepless nights and stress at work and obtain very relieving chiropractic treatment. I will go b..."

"The best Chiroprator i ever had. Do see them."

"I've been going to Heshmat Pain Management clinic for several years, initially for acupressure massage with Minal Patel and now for chiropractic massage with Toma due to an insurance change.  Both therapists are amazing and I would highly recommend them, especially if your insurance covers the vi..."

"I received acupuncture treatment from Minal Patel and had a massage therapy session with Toma. They both did an excellent job and Minal really took the time to understand what my specific issues were and tailor her acupuncture treatment to relieve some of the stress and pain I was feeling. It was..."

"They're healers, not a business. Latest in technology and knowledge. The electropulse and acuscope are not painful; you just need to tell him to go a little lighter. The doctors (both Heshmat) take a lot of time to listen.Their massage therapists are wonderful. Toma is very intuitive, sensitive, ..."

"The best experience ever for pain and Servic !!!"

"I've been seeing Toma for massages at Heshmat for 6 months and have been loving them. She is skilled, friendly and wise! The office staff is efficient and friendly. I've been to several other clinics for massages and this is by far the best at scheduling, creating a peaceful and simple environmen..."

"This is the best chiropractic office i have been. The Electro-acuscope's high degree of effectiveness in non-invasive pain relief and promotion of healing is based upon a series of electric and electromagnetic manipulations of the patient's tissues. Awesome machine! anyway the doctor is great and..."

"Had one of the best massages ever here today. The woman who massaged was professional and clearly understand muscle groups and pressure. She used lotion and was careful not to get in my hair. Lighting, music and ambiance were great. Will return!"

"I had an appointment at Heshmat last week.  I was impressed with the service.  Specifically I was happy with the focused attention that I got towards an old injury (hamstring) and careful adjustments I got for my neck and back. Overall, I would definitely recommend Heshmat as a chiropractic or pa..."

"Today I came here for my 3rd acupuncture session with Minal Patel.   It's great to be able to get chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage here in the same clinic, all covered within my insurance plan for chiropractic care.My first 2 acupuncture sessions here this past month were to focus on some t..."

"Dr Heshman is not all about signing u up for a bunch of visits he wants to see you and cure you and then let you live a life that is free of pain. he's got a great style with patients and great tools to help diagnose the cause of pain and he knows the best way to treat you for maximum results. iv..."

"Today was day three of a migraine that my regular doctors and meds couldn't get rid of. Thank goodness one of my nurses recommended acupuncture to me yesterday. I went to the heshmat clinic today for my first ever acupuncture treatment. I felt better right away and I've been relaxing at home, pai..."

"the best pain management place i have ever been in. Caring, knowledgeable and honest staff. Highly recommend it."

"Friendly and professional.  Having a great deal of experience with many different Chiropractors I can say Dr. Heshmat is one of the best.  He takes a real holistic and consultative approach to making you feel better.  If you need a Chiropractor I would give him a try."

"REMARKABLE! I suffer from severe back pains and sciatica from a herniated disk after carrying twins almost full term... The chiropractors at this office are so knowledgeable and helpful. I always feel comfortable and confident when leaving their appointment. I had never been in more pain than bef..."

"I have been to Heshmat Pain Management Clinic a few times. I have been very pleased and definitely recommend going here. The massage therapist I recommend is, Jaime. I never have to tell her where my problems are because she can tell by the way I walk/stand. The over all atmosphere is very pleasa..."

"I called last week with severe neck pain. I couldn't hold my head up at work. I was able to get squeezed in that afternoon. Thankfully! I am always impressed when I come here which is about 1-2 times a year as they are so results oriented. All I need to do is present the problem and they take car..."

"i am really happy with the Heshmat pain  Management clinic , Adria Amenti has really helped me with  Acupuncture . Dr h has been very helpful with making the pain i was in to go away. thank you all for all your help. if i could give you ten stars i would."

"I was recommended to the clinic because of excessive migraines that my general Dr. could not fix...other than pain medications.  My migraines were so bad that they got to the point where I would vomit uncontrollably...randomly like in my car. Way not normal.  After suffering from migraines for ab..."

"Heshmat Pain Management has been a real life-saver for me! I came to them with chronic hip and lower back pain which I had been living with for several years. After 4-5 treatments, the pain had subsided SUBSTANTIALLY. I was able to stop taking medication (first Neurontin, then just Advil) and get..."

"Dr. H is very skilled.   I saw my previous chiropractor for years without any improvement.  Dr. H has been able to treat my  chronic neck  prain (& whatever else happens to fall out of alignment from there) in a minimal amount of sessions.  I live in San Mateo and am willing to make the drive to ..."

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